The Society provides exceptional care and support for all residents through a variety of Occupational Therapy (OT) group sessions. Our highly skilled OTs tailor these sessions to meet individual needs, ensuring personalized attention within the group. Residents are encouraged to lead their own groups, if they are able, to promote camaraderie.

We use various techniques to accommodate residents with low vision, including clear instructions, hands-on facilitation, and environmental adaptations. Our goal is holistic well-being, encompassing physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and functional aspects, achieved through diverse activities.

Volunteers play a crucial role and we are extremely grateful for them. Our resident’s knitting group, run by two volunteers, fosters community and creativity. We maintain an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, engaged and purposeful. Through OT sessions and volunteer involvement, we create a vibrant and fulfilling community for all. 


Ageing poses many challenges and we understand the importance of having someone to talk to. We therefore provide a free in-house counselling service for residents who feel they may require some degree of emotional support.

Our counsellor is registered with the Association for Supportive Counsellors & Holistic Practitioners (ASCHP), and is a member of the International Association of Therapists.


Our counsellor also serves as an end-of-life/transitional doula, providing crucial support to residents as they cope with the approaching end of life.

As a doula, their primary focus is on non-medical, openhearted service to those nearing the end of life. They meet residents at their emotional and spiritual level, offering assistance in planning the practicalities of the journey ahead.

In this role, the doula helps residents to live their dying in a way that is most meaningful to them. This can involve aiding in the creation of advanced directives (living wills), providing a safe space for open and frank conversations about dying, and engaging in legacy work, among other important aspects. Throughout the process, the doula provides emotional, spiritual, and practical support aiming to bring greater comfort and meaning to the dying process. 


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