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Thank you for all that your staff did for my mother, we are so grateful. Thanks for your insightfulness, the time you afforded me to talk about mom, the extra special care at night, the time and commitment to listen to her, your sensitivity and to witness the amazing care she received right up until her last breath.

Warm regards, Carol

In the last years of her life, Jessie called the Society 'her home'. Our gratitude and appreciation go to the nurses and all the other staff for the support, care and love they gave to her.

From her family

Thank you for all your wonderful words and for being such a great person to our Mum and myself over the years. Your warmth, efficiency and lovely sense of humour has been so much appreciated.​

Jane and family


Words can never express the love, tenderness and professional dedication you all gave to our dear sister while in your very capable hands for the last four years. This prayer, we believe, has inspired all you very dear people: 'Lord, here I am, do with me as seems best in your eyes; Only give me, I beseech you, a penitent and patient spirit to expect you. May my service be acceptable to you while I live, and my soul ready for you when I die'.

Much love, Stan & Peggy

Thank you so much for all the care and love you have given to my mother over the last few years. She really is the happiest we had seen her, and we could not have found a more suitable place for her to live. Being an only child has always been a big burden for me, carrying the full responsibility of my ageing parents, which became very apparent when my dad passed away at the 90 year mark.

You have given my wife and myself peace of mind knowing my mom is loved and very well cared for 24/7.

Regards John & Bernie

A huge thank you from my sister and I for all the care the team at the Society gave to our mom. We really appreciate what you folk did for her. 

Diane & Leigh

Thank you most sincerely for all the kindness and care you have shown our parents whilst they are living at the Society. We really appreciate it and are grateful that they are in such good hands.

Warren & family

Thank you for all the kindness and care you gave to my mother.

From Kathy

Thank you so much for your dedication, care and love you gave my mom during the last few years of her life. It certainly made the passage easier for us and for her.

God bless you, the Fivaz family

Thank you all from the lass who cleaned the wards, those who served meals and tea, the day and night sisters, staff and matron, for all the care you gave me whilst I spent a few days with you in the Care Centre. The staff was really so caring and patient and well chosen for this particular (often very trying) task.

God bless you all, Lorna

Thank you for the exceptional care and kindness given to our mother during the years she was in your hands, especially during her last few weeks when she was bedridden and in need of special attention and nursing. The love and care that you gave her went beyond the call of duty and was so important to her peace and health – you gave her warm hugs when she needed them, always had kind words, and you treated her with the dignity and respect she deserved in her twilight years after a long, full life. The high standard of nursing care makes Helen Keller a special place. Thank you.

Teddy & family

Just a note to say thank you very much. We appreciate the care and concern you showed us. Wishing you all good health and happiness for the future.

Dave & Margie

Thanks for your love and care shown to our late mother during the time she was accommodated in your Care Centre. Special thanks to the Sister on duty for her support and compassion shown on the day of mom’s passing. Sincerely appreciated.

From René

Thank you very much for your kind thoughts for my husband on his birthday. He seemed to be very happy when I showed him the card.

Love Joan

Many thanks to you for caring for me with so much kindness and loving patience while I was there. You have all been absolute stars. 

With love and appreciation, Esmé

I wish to thank you for the high levels of care and compassion shown to my mother. She was bedridden for a number of years. Living abroad, as I do, it was of great comfort to me to find her clean, well-cared for and comfortable. I cannot thank all the staff enough.

Yours sincerely, Margot

A special thanks to Matron Jackie and her amazing staff. Our family wishes to thank you for your kindness and support. We are humbled by the care and compassion shown to us by all at the Society. Our mother's passing was one of love and peace. We thank you for making this last memory of her one of dignity and grace. May God bless you all for the work you do every day.

Mark & Wendy

Thank you for the wonderful care you gave to my mother. To all the nursing staff in the Care Centre who tirelessly work to take care of the immediate needs of the residents – their always friendly, warm disposition was a joy to experience. Mom was very settled and happy there knowing that she had 24 hour care and kind, loving attention. I cannot express my gratitude to the nursing Sister who helped me get mom into the Society so quickly, when I was in such dire need.

God Bless, Lesley

To the wonderful woman who so lovingly cared for my mother – thank you! May God bless and keep you.

Much love, Sheilagh

Thank you so much for the care, kindness and cheerfulness you showed my mom, it was really appreciated.

Best wishes always, Lorraine

Thank you for your love and care for Maud since she came to stay. We greatly appreciate that she was in good hands.

From her family 

This is to express my sincere appreciation for the care and attention I received from both the staff nurses and carers during my recent illness. Whether I rang the bell for attention by day or night, my needs were catered for promptly. As I told my daughter "my own mother, who was a nurse, could not have done more."

​Kind regards, John F.

I just wanted to thank you all for taking such good care of my mother. You all played such a vital role in settling her in Cape Town and giving her a high quality of life.

I so appreciate your devotion and professionalism. Thank you.

Regards Jeremy


I would like thank you all for the care that my mom recieved over the years when she stayed with you. Mom had such a good rapport with you all and she was well thought of.

Thank you for your care, Rosalie


We wish to thank you all for the fantastic care afforded to my late mother. I don't know what we would have done without you. It has been a pleasure to meet and work with you all! 

Kind regards

Brian & Mary

Thank you for the very best of care you gave to our mother during the 8 years she lived with you. Thank you too for the support you gave to my brother and myself, even when the going was rough. You are a very caring, professional and loving nursing team.

God bless you all.

From her daughter & son

Just to thank you and all the staff for looking after mom so well and with such care. She was very happy with you. 

Kind regards


We wish to thank you all for the fantastic caring afforded to our late mother. We don't know what we would have done without you all. It has been a pleasure to meet and work with you.

Kind regards

Molly's family


To those who were personally involved with our mom, we say a very big thank you. We also appreciate those who showed patience and hearfelt kindness to her. Thank you for your listening ear and your help. We will all miss her.


Mavis, Peter and the family

Thank you all for the love and support shown to my mother over the past 5 years. Thank you for allowing the family to hold her memorial service at the Society. Much appreciated.

With gratitude and love

Diane, Johan and family