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The Society is blessed to have over 150 permanent volunteers from within the community, inlcuding some of our residents, who all play an integral part in our various programmes, some having served us for over 30 years! We value those who give of their time on a regular basis and they are in turn enriched by their interaction with our residents. 

Due to the specialised nature of care we offer our visually impaired residents, our requirements are quite specific. It also involves compulsory low vision training for each volunteer, who must be over the age of 17, and who are able to commit on a regular basis.   


Our programmes consist of:


  • Personal interaction: music, singing, art, reading, crosswords & trivia, shopping, our knitting group and assistance at our OT groups.
  • The Rustenburg Girls High School visiting programme (since 1993).
  • Assistance before and at our annual fund-raising fête held during October. Some residents also volunteer their time to run a particular stall, or are involved creating greetings cards, arts & crafts, knitted items or bake during their OT sessions, to assist in raising funds.

Pets As Therapy


We have had an association with this special NPO since 2006, and their volunteers call on a regular basis. The residents greatly love these visits from a dog along with their owner, as they do miss their own pets. Many special heart-felt moments and personal break-throughs have occurred between a resident and a visiting PAT pet.

Occupational therapy is offered to the residents such as ball skills, music, quizzes, baking, arts & crafts and chair exercises. 

Entertainment is a necessity as some of our residents cannot leave the complex. Singers and musical artists from within the community peform on a regular basis, and bring much joy and fun to the lives of our residents. Our Entertainment Committee also ensures that the residents attend as many outside events as possible, if they are able.

Certain residents volunteer to run a monthly debating group and bingo, or serve on various committees, including the Board of Management.

Rotary Pinelands often offers its services to the residents with their annual Twilight Drive, and run their infamous boerewors rolls stall at our annual fête! They have also donated wheelchairs to the Society. 

Our Ministry Committee ensures that a variety of ministers of religion or deacons regularly visit to hold communion once a month, or on speical religious holidays. They are also invited to lead our prayer meetings held each week. Two volunteers run a Bible study every week, and certain residents run our Monday and Friday prayer meetings as well. 

Should you be interested in becoming a permanent volunteer please e-mail your details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

   Flicka, from Pets as Therapy                                  George, another volunteer